Monday, November 14, 2011

American flag clothing...court ruling in favor of School Officials to be appealed!

A Chief U.S. District Court Judge - James Ware of San Francisco - has ruled amidst foul outcries that a School Official acted reasonably and did not violate the right to "Free Speech" when he instructed Anglo students to turn their shirts (bearing the American Flag) inside-out or "go home".

His Honor duly noted past clashes between Mexican-Americans and Anglo students were sufficient cause for teachers to issue the ultimatum.

Judge Ware reasoned that teachers - and the like - did not have to wait until a disruption occurred to act.

A lawyer for the students who filed suit was quick to bemoan what he construed as a lunatic ruling that flew in the face of the right to "Freedom of Speech".

"The court found that the rights of students promoting their Mexican heritage trumped the rights of the students expressing their patriotism," Bill Becker, counsel for the Anglo Students argued.

The litigation arose from an ugly incident which went down at a local Morgan Hill High School on the day of  Cinco de Mayo.

When white students showed up at the event with U.S. flag images etched on their face, an Ass. Principal ordered the youths to remove the potentially offending attire or - at a minimum - turn them inside out.

When the "patriots" refused, they were sent home.

Meanwhile, the school allowed the Mexican-American students to wear colors of their flag that day without issue.

The case is expected to be appealed.

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