Saturday, October 15, 2011

Walgreens...modus operandi similar to drug pushers! Price gouging! Deceptive business practices!

Just recently, I stumbled on a new beverage at Walgreens that really quenched my thirst on a sweltering-hot day that was also reasonably-priced.

Actually, two companies market the "coconut water" (with pulp & electrolytes) under a couple of brand different names.

The one product - which comes in a tall nifty-looking can - was selling for 99 cents.

Another - packaged in a highly-decorative plastic container - was being flogged for $1.29.

One day, out-of-the-blue - when I was checking out at the cash register - I noticed that my bill appeared to be higher that what it should have been based on the cost of the individual items I was purchasing.

Upon close scrutiny, I discovered that the coconut water that was originally $1.29 had soared to $1.79 overnight without warning from Walgreens.

Also, just this morning, I noticed that the 99 cent product had skyrocketed to $1.99 as well!

The scenario reminded me of an old cliche often depicted in cheesy Hollywood B movies.

The local dope dealer offers a "taste" of an illicit drug for free - or at a reduced price - to lure an innocent in.

Then, once they're hooked on the "product", they up the cost to guarantee a hefty profit at the victim's expense.

Bottom line?

When shopping at Walgreens:

Buyer Beware!

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