Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Susan Boyle...misses mark with "Unchained Melody" on Dancing with the Stars! Diva goes Hollywood!

Susan Boyle graced the stage of "Dancing with the Stars" as a guest artist last night and unwisely elected to perform "Unchained Melody" live.

The old standard - which is capable of packing an emotional wallop - can (and has) tripped-up the best of singers and such was the case with Ms. Boyle when she took a stab at it.

The Righteous Brothers' hit should start slow, but strong, then build.

Unfortunately, Boyle faltered into the first few bars, and the chance for recovery was lost after that.

Occasionally, the feisty Brit also made a few musical choices which were misguided.

From my perch, it appeared that the celebrated contest-winner from yesteryear took the easy way out for fear of missing higher octaves.

As for the notes?

A dozen-or-so of 'em were unpleasant when they fell on the ears.

In a couple of instances, they grated on the nerves, and came mighty-close to sounding a lot like nails on a chalkboard.

Boyle's stage persona, on the other hand, was quite polished and mainly due to a coiffed "do", a nip-and-tuck here-and-there, and a dash of makeup skillfully applied to her radiant skin.

The popular DIVA dazzled in a tasteful gown in midnight blue which sparkled in the light when she turned this-way-and-that to work the rapt audience.

This was the crux of it really.

Ms. Boyle has gone Hollywood!

Today, the vocalist appears to be focusing the attention on her appearance on stage, when it would be better spent on fine-tuning the musical instrument that brought her precious gold and widespread acclaim.

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