Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs...hailed as visionary! Innovations transformed! Shrines honor genius!

On the heels of the announcement that Steve Jobs passed to spirit yesterday afternoon, the sad news spread with lightning speed around the face of the globe.

And, within minutes, the plaudits were forthcoming from the Captains of Industry, proud users of a myriad of apple products, and even world leaders (President Barack Obama, for instance).

Jobs was quickly being hailed as a visionary, for good reason.

Then, a curious phenomenon unfolded at apple retail outlets everywhere, impromptu.

Steve Jobs fans, business associates - and users of his state-of-the-art "sexy" products - turned up on the street and began to build shrines out of exotic flagrant flowers and spirit-lifting candles - to honor the memory of the man.

It came as no surprise, really.

Jobs' leading-edge innovations transformed the realm of communications - and propelled the human race from the dark ages - into one ripe with endless possibilities.

"My e-mail, my bank account information - everything - is in the iphone he designed," one News Anchor marvelled as he reflected on the marketing whiz's accomplishments.

Personally, I always remained cautious about such products (always mindful of the downside); after all, my generation was raised on the "Bible" - George Orwell's novel 1984 - which preached about the potential woes of strangleholds on data in the information age.

It was always hammered into us about the potential threat of "Big Brother"and a controlled-society that lurked around every corner, thus requiring, that we be ever vigilante.

Though computerized gadgets have a potential to make life easier for mankind, the flip side is an ominous one, to be every wary of.

In recent days that reality has rung true in the wake of vicious hacker attacks, assaults on the privacy of individuals, and identity theft.

Even so, that is not a great enough reason for the likes of wizards like Steve Jobs (and others) to abandon their niggling ideas - which, when developed to their full potential - have the capacity to change forever the way we think about ourselves and how we ultimately communicate with others on the planet.


The young entrepreneur of yesteryear!

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