Wednesday, October 19, 2011

San cups of java from makers of Keurig coffee-makers! Nifty product!

For the past couple of days, tourists and locals alike have been ecstatic over the free cups of java - light roast, dark roast - even green tea samples - being offered up by employees from Keurig at Powell and Market Streets (at the cable-car turn-around).

Of course, there has been a catch!

The coffee-lovers have been invited to step up and try their hand at brewing their own cup first-hand at one of their nifty sleek-looking coffee-makers.

Boy, are they cool!

And, the simplified process (just pop in a mini canister and hit the brew button) is a snap for any fool stumbling around in the dark with the cobwebs of sleep in their eyes at the crack-of-dawn.

I'm sold, for starters!

Now, if Keurig could find a few workers capable of waiting on folks with a smile.

After all, the staff on duty at the special promotion were a stone-faced grumbling lot.

What a turn-off!

Does everyone hate working for a living these days?

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