Friday, October 21, 2011

San Francisco...Earthquake! Residents shaken but not stirred! No Northridge!

Northridge quake (above)

1906 San Francisco quake (below)

Residents - and tourists alike - were all a-twitter over two earthquakes (one was an aftershock) which struck the San Francisco Bay area out-of-the-blue yesterday.

The first jolt erupted at approximately 2:41 pm, was centered about two miles from Berkeley, and was six miles deep.

I was in the midst of a "power" nap, so I nearly missed the entire first temblor.

At one point, though, I was roused from my slumber because the bed was shaking and gently tossing to-and-fro.

When I switched on the old boob tube, the airwaves were a-buzz with news of the quake, which was - not only quite a jolt for many - but pretty far-reaching around these parts as well.

The second quake struck in the evening at 8:17 pm.

I had just returned from the grocery store, when the floor beneath my feet began to shift, and the door frame and plaster work began to twist and make an eerie creaking sound.

The foundations of the old Hotel in downtown San Francisco appeared to groan a tad, too.

The quake was so persistent - it lasted over a minute at my location - that I was temped to exit the building (since there was no table to hide under!).

Now, excited residents were lighting up the switchboards at media outlets around the mainland, anxious to share their unsettling experiences.

Like myself, many thought that the both quakes were larger in scale that originally reported by the geologists.

And, when both were summarily downgraded, folks were downright baffled.

The general consensus?

The second shaker was no three-point-eighter!

The quakes didn't phase me.

After all, I survived the Northridge Earthquake.

Not unscathed, though.

The 5th storey "New York Style" walk-up where I was residing was so badly damaged that City Officials red-tagged it.


I was forced to grab a few possessions and exit the building within two hours!

It was a harrowing experience.

Tattler readers may recall my post:

Post: 04/19/2008

What can we expect if the "big one" that's been predicted for San Francisco hits?

Let's hope we never find out!

Northridge home crumbled!

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