Sunday, October 9, 2011

San Francisco...Blue Angels Air Show wow record crowds! Dazzling fireworks crown glorious Columbus holiday celebrations!

Fleets in!

And, if what they say is true, yesterday's record crowds at the "Blue Angels Air Show" were a sure indication that there is something about a man in a uniform that intrigues!

Yesterday afternoon, for instance, handsome military men posed for excited tourists, the Blue Angel pilots wowed all in attendance with daring gravity-defying maneuvers in a baby blue cloudless sky above, and vendors beamed as carefree patrons munched on delectable snacks, sipped on chilled wine, and snapped up keepsakes to trek home with under their arms.

When darkness fell, and as a captivating moon romanced couples below, the harbour exploded into a spectacular display of eye-catching fireworks that literally crowned a perfect day!

There will be a repeat of the "Blue Angels Air Show" this afternoon, and an opportunity to tour navy ships resting at peace in the bay, for those who missed the upbeat festivities yesterday.

There's no life like it!

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