Friday, October 14, 2011

Safeway...Bull Dyke barges in on males taking whiz in men's room! Privacy issues!

Male shoppers at Safeway in San Francisco (Church & Market) were in for a rude embarrassing jolt (with dick literally in hand) when a gruff squat overweight security guard (a bull dyke?) swaggered in to the men's room unannounced (without provocation) and barked out at two individuals holed up in closed toilet stalls:

"Hurry up!"

Say what?

Then, the ill-mannered piece of white trash proceeded to give the "evil eye" to customers innocently washing and drying their hands at a row of double-sinks.

Surely mmanagement hasn't taken the position that because the security guard in question is obviously not interested in the male anatomy (i.e. "a cock") that it is perfectly okay for her to saunter in at whim for no good reason whenever she pleases?

On the contrary, shoppers - male and female (children, too) - are entitled to privacy without this kind of outrageous intrustion by a member of the opposite sex (?!).

I trust that the "suits" at Safeway will agree that male patrons suffered a gross violation of their rights today, and that there will be bold swift action to ensure citizens are not subjected to this kind of offensive conduct in the future!

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