Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Patti Smith..."Camera Solo" photo exhibit! New album in the works!

Noted musician Patti Smith's upcoming installation of photographs titled - "Camera Solo" - is causing quite a buzz in gallery circles.

The exhibit features a jazzy collection of Black & White Polaroid prints probably inspired by ex-lover Richard Mapplethorpe - who, like pop artist Andy Warhol - was noted for his creative musings in that offbeat but rich and quirky revealing medium.

The much-anticipated unveiling is slated to open at the prestigious Wadsworth Atheneum Museum on October 21st.

Ms. Smith , by the way, has a new album in the works.

But, like any clever artist, the down-to-earth chanteuse is keeping mum about the details.

Oh, the anticipation!

Smith has never confined herself to one single art form.

In addition to being a talented musician, she is also a prolific poet and an insightful visual artist.

Rock on, Patti!

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum

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