Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...reporter attacked! Some have more rights than others!

As the "Occupy Wall Street" protests escalated into a fever pitch late yesterday afternoon, reporters on the scene and "out of the loop", found themselves under siege!

For example, when one male newsman attempted to roll a camera and pursue an interview, he was - not only confronted by an angry protestor - but mauled and bitten by the owner's vicious dog.

A tear in the shocked man's suit jacket sleeve underscored the severity of the attack.

Elsewhere, a female spokesperson for the "Occupy Wall Street" across the park, commanded the press to restrict their coverage to shots of City buildings and to refrain from focusing their searing lenses on the tent encampment which has been aggravating Law Enforcement and City Officials in recent days.

Reporters and cameramen from a handful of local news outlets were flabberghasted at the notion.

The general consensus?

Protestors argued that they had the right to to peaceful assembly according to the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

But, protestors were reluctant to recognize that reporters were so situated, too.

"We also have rights (i.e. to cover a news event held on public property) by virtue of freedom of the press," the wounded reporter lamented to the young lady who tried to restrict access to the media.

Her response?

She didn't have a clue, folks, judging by her inability to offer up a legitimate defense (and in view of the dumb look on her face).

The whole scene reminded me of the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

Readers may recall that Animal Farm was a cautionary tale about a few disgruntled animals who take over the farm in a bold-faced effort to free themselves of the tyranny of the farmers.

Once their mission was accomplished - and an animal community had been set up - a sign was posted on the property to remind all the animals of one truism:

All Animals are Equal!

Howver, down the road - when the "pigs" begin to take control of the farm - one of the animals became confused about the turn-of-events, so he returned to the sign to clarify the issues.

Curiously, the sign now read:

All Animals are Equal
Except some are more Equal than others

Nuff said!

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