Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...protest issues crystal clear! Solutions vague!

It has been heartening to watch the overwhelming support for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement which has been sweeping around the face of the globe in recent days.

Unfortunately, although the protest issues are crystal clear, the solutions to the alleged problems have remained vague!

Today, I was wondering to myself what would have to transpire before the protestors were inclined to let out a wild yelp, pack up their kit-'n- kaboodle and saunter home with a smug smile of satisfaction on their mugs.

For example, if Bank of America announced bright-and-early tomorrow morning that they have cancelled their plans to charge a debit fee of $5.00 on checking accounts, would that appease the angry masses?

If legislation was passed to end bail-outs for Banks and Financial Institutions - would a roar go up in the crowd - do 'ya think?

What if all the City Councils around the country passed a bill to allow the homeless to squat in properties where landlords were derelict in their duties or the real estate was abandoned?

If the Government approved a higher tax for wealthy citizens in the top 1%, - would that answer turn things around - so that life in America was fair, just, and equitable?

How about an overhaul of the current foreclosure procedures in favor of one that is more flexible and compassionate (to prevent folks from becoming homeless)j.

Surely, that is a bargaining chip worth haggling over?

Perhaps, it is time for the protestors to hunker down with Bank CEO's, the heads of political parties, landlords - City Council members, too - to hash out the nitty-gritty.

In doing so, I wonder.

Would the dialogue trigger the formation of an Independent party run by the working class - capable of changing the course of this great Nation - and satisfying the disgruntled masses?

News at 11!

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