Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...police dismantle Oakland camp! Protesters arrested!

Bright and early this morning - at approximately 4:30 a.m. - a posse of well-trained Oakland Police officers in riot gear descended on Justin Herman Plaza to break down the "tent" city originally erected in support of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement gathering steam around the country.

Initially, law eenforcement fired a shot off their bow.

"If you leave peacefully, you will not be arrested," a rep from the Police Department barked out in a bull horn.

A few protesters got the message loud-and-clear and exited the square (no doubt licking their wounds).

But, a dozen or so of the upstarts held their ground; subsequently, they were led away meekly like lambs to slaughter with their hands tied in plastic wristbands behind their backs.

On the heels of the raid, Officers proceeded to haul away tents, lawn chairs, and the personal possessions of the squatters.

Although one young man resisted arrest (he was eventually carried off to a police vehicle kicking-and-screaming blue murder) the clean-up - which took about twenty minutes - went down without much incident.

However, shortly after the initial police action, protesters began to gather down the street a hop-and-a-skip away to voice their disapproval.

Traffic was interrupted for a couple of hours much to the dismay of early-morning commuters.

The Bart Station located at the Justin Herman Plaza, for instance, was temporarily shut down and buses that normally routed through a terminal at the square were detoured along side streets not affected by the ruckus.

At press time news spread that the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters intend to march to the ritzy "W" Hotel where President Obama will be attending a fundraiser.

Stay posted for updates!

Swank "W" Hotel in San Francisco

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