Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Wall Street...melee breaks out in Oakland! Tear gas & paint bombs trigger clash with police!

Angry over a nasty sweep yesterday at 4:30 a.m. (post: - which resulted in the dismantling of the Oakland "Occupy Wall Street" camp - hundreds of supporters of the cause descended on Frank Ogawa Plaza late Tuesday to protest the early-morning raid.

The protesters were confronted by a posse of Police Officers, however - recruited from 16 law enforcement agencies in the region - bent on preventing the irate upstarts from reclaiming the plaza in front of Oakland's City Hall.

After barking out orders to disperse - which went ignored - officers tossed canisters of tear gas into the gathering crowds.

In response, there was a knee-jerk reaction from the protesters.

The angry mob hurled paint bombs at the officers (who were attired in riot gear), spat in their faces, and got vocal.

"Fuck you," some taunted.

Although the rally fell apart at City Hall at this juncture, it gained momentum once again when 400-500 supporters of the "Occupy Wall Street" cause turned up at the main branch of the Oakland Public Library to reorganize.

Early in the evening, the protesters then proceeded to march on City Hall with new vigor.

Their return triggered more skirmishes with the police which persisted throughout the night.

In spite of being arrested earlier in the day, many protesters returned on the heels of being processed, cited, and released from the local jail.

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters have vowed to all within earshot - especially to the media out in full force - that they intend to "fight" for the right to encamp 24/7 and not just between the business hours ordered by police and City Officials.

Stay posted for updates!

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