Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize...Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkul Karman & Ellen Johnson losers in fashion circles!

It is highly doubtful that the three Nobel Peace Prize winners are apt to land on my upcoming annual Women's 10 Best-Dressed List due to be published on December 31st.

 Uh-huh - no matter what their lofty or altruistic contributions - to the human cause.

The jarring images of the winsome winners in publicity stills zipping around the face of the globe in recent days underscored that the hapless trio need to make peace with (and overhaul) their fashion get-ups and address their lack of sense of style.

Indeed, two of the hefty "big-fit" gals ended up a total spectacle when they were spied tightly squeezed into outfits that screamed out (loud & shamefully proud?) in a riot of clashing colors and bizarre fabric choices (was every gaudy left-over curtain and flowery tablecloth snatched up last-minute to clothe these fashion disasters?) that twisted this way 'n that - and thus - called attention to the fact (with every embarrassing bump & grind) that the ladies in question are currently:

"Three of the worst-dressed women of 2011"

The third honoree - Tawakkul Karman - comes up the rear with a "look" at the other end of the scale that is so ho-hum that it sets women back fashion-wise a hundred years.

A DVD collection of "Sex in the City" may be just what these drab role models (?) are in dire need of to trigger a fresh fashion flourish or two for their spotlighted personas!

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