Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nate Berkus...hunky makeover talk-show host shares dirty fork with stranger! Yuck!

Yesterday, I was channel-surfing, when I stumbled on a cooking segment in which a Celebrity Chef was teaching "out" gay talk-show host Nate Berkus how to rustle up scrumptious French Toast.

Since the delicious breakfast treat is one of my own personal favorites, I was inclined to stay tuned in the event there were a few pointers worth taking note of for my next culinary adventure in the kitchen.

But, something happened out-of-the-blue which totally turned my stomach!

When the tasty-looking serving was ready, Nate scooped up a bite-size piece and offered it up to a guest plucked up from the studio audience.

Then, a few seconds later - after spoon-feeding the woman - Nate proceeded to use the same fork (!) to gobble down another portion for himself.


The lapse in proper etiquette (and mind-boggling bad manners) begs the question.

Was Nate raised in the back hills of a rural community somewhere or is he just ignorant about table manners?

News at 11!

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