Friday, October 28, 2011

Melvita...tosses chic soiree! Organic skin care products with nature at heart!

The staff - smartly-attired in chic black - were gracious and attentive (all smiles), the upscale patrons were bubbling over with lively cocktail chatter, and a musical duo elevated the mood to warm and fuzzy!

Well, I fess up.

The potent champagne- which flowed generously - was a factor.

The elegant soiree was tossed by Melvita (health and skin care products) to celebrate their 1st Anniversary at Westfield Mall on Market Street in downtown San Francisco.

Regulars of Melvita were personally invited to toast the store's success at their aesthetically-pleasing outlet (next door to Abercrombie & Fitch) and take advantage of a one-time 15% discount.

Shoppers munched on delectable finger-foods and sipped on cocktails as they perused a myriad of enticing high-quality products on the shelves (imported from France).

In fact, a handful of the clerks on duty were born overseas in the Paris region.

Obviously, it was the European touch that put the event over-the-top.

In spite of an ailing economy, shoppers were quick to splurge on healthful products designed to - not only heal the bod - but put a "fresh-face" forward.

Just maybe, that focus will engender positive results in the employment line!

No doubt, the Marketing Director - Julie-France Airenti - was keen to that fact.

That's probably why she employed a talented photographer - Adrian Spencerparra - to snap a bevy of publicity stills last night to facilitate in the next advertising campaign???

If you're unfamiliar with the Melvita line, it is basically organic - and thus - green.

"We try to minimize our footprint on the planet," beamed the store Manager, an articulate young french man with an affable air about him.

Products run the gamut from moisturizers to toothpaste.

One young male I struck up a conversation with swore by the Shaving Balm.

"It makes my skin so smooth," he gushed.

One criticism, though.

It may behoove Melvita to repackage the men's toiletries along the lines of more masculine sensibilities since the current wrapper is too feminine-looking.

Discerning males are inclined to gravitate towards products with more macho appeal.

In closing, I would like to remind all my readers about an old familiar truism:

"You get the face you deserve at 50!"

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