Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Man of Style...Do's & Don'ts! Fashion tips to impress boss and polite society!

If you want to turn heads when you walk into a room - or impress a potential employer at a job interview - it is style - not just the clothes - that is sure to tip the scales in your favor!

Here are a few tips to observe to become a true "Man of Style" worth your weight!


Don't dry clean your dress slacks and suit coat separately - otherwise - you'll end up with a two-tone colored suit that looks downright tacky.


Unless you're an arrogant talk-show host (with a lot of clout in the TV industry) pass on sporting white athletic socks with dress shoes and business attire (even if they are hidden under a desk for the most part).


Always avoid teaming a smartly-tailored sport coat or pricey dress suit with worn jeans.


A jazzy tie is best when it is correctly knotted (no snap-ons, please!), complements the wardrobe ensemble, and falls at the belt line (not a smidgen above or below it).


If the fabric "puckers" at the buttons when you fasten it up, the jacket is too small.


The cuff of dress slacks should break on the shoe (and never hang over the heels or trail on the floor).  When in doubt, consult a fashion stylist for expert guidance.


The cuff of a dress shirt should extend beyond the sleeve of the suit about 1/4 - 1/2 inch (according to personal taste).


Avoid smelling like soap when you venture into the world.  Noses will wrinkle up in disgust all around you!

You just might be shown the door, too.

Good luck at the job fair, eh?

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