Friday, October 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan...DOA at Community Service! City Morgue or bust!

In spite of being scolded by a Judge in court for an alleged probation violation - which triggered a mandatory imposition of 16 hours a week community service at the City Morgue before a hearing date set for November 2nd - bad girl Lindsay Lohan continued to thumb her nose at the court.

For example, Ms. Lohan was spied tooling down the road in a pricey pristine Porsche towards the Coroner's office to meet her obligation in a lackadaisical fashion without much urgency to her mission as precious minutes ticked away.

You got it!

When the troubled party-girl attempted to check into the City Morgue, the hapless beauty was turned away from the facility DOA.


Because Lindsay was twenty minutes late - it was no-way Jose - as far as the administrators were concerned.

"Sorry, I was late," she meekly uttered up.

""I didn't know where the Coroner's office was located."


Most folks would - not only have conducted a search on the Internet to get their bearings right before heading out on the trek (never heard of mapquest, Lindsay?) - but left a little early to account for parking delays, the stroll up the walk, signing in, and so-forth-and-so-on.

Not the blond bimbo babe!

When God was handing out "common sense", Ms. Lohan must have been partying under a rock!

Stay posted, eh?

Lindsay's new acquaintances!

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