Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ides of March...flattest performance of Clooney's acting career! Ryan Gosling steals flick!

The film was rife with cliches, stretched credulity, and featured one of the dullest (surface) performances of George Clooney's acting career.

Of course, I am referring to Mr. Clooney's latest directorial effort - The Ides of March - a political thriller (of sorts) that resonates more-often-than-not.

Essentially, the fast-paced flick is a behind-the-scenes gander at the ugly (fictional?) underbelly of a political race between two crafty candidates vying for the top slot in the primaries.

At times the material appears to have been ripped from the front pages of major dailies around the country - in fact, so much so - that the lines between reality and illusion often become blurred.

But, don't be fooled by the slick writing (that manipulates), the well-crafted script (which drags 'ya in), or the earnestness of the actors on the silver screen (who touch).

In a nutshell?

It's Hollywood pap all the way.

But, the cast is spellbinding to watch from the get-go, you betcha.

For example, Philip Semour Hoffman snaps back in a role that is seamless and truly authentic after taking a miserable acting drubbing in "Moneyball" earlier this year (what a waste of talent there!).

And, Paul Giamatti is at his sleazy smarmy best!

But, it is Ryan Gosling who makes the star-turn - and in the process - not only steals the flick out-from-under the stellar cast but also establishes his full potential as a leading man.

3 1/2 stars!

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