Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween...San Franciscans ready to kick up high heels! Trick or treat!

As if by magic, entrances to local shops have been transformed overnight into Fright-Night fun houses and a smattering of debauched chambers of horror.

Inside, the shelves are overflowing with delightfully wicked costumes at-the-ready for trick-or-treaters to breathe ghoulish life into.

Of course - die-hard revellers in the Castro District will probably don high drag - a popular mainstay over the years at the witching hour on the glittering Halloween circuit prowl.

Down south, at WeHo's annual Carnival, a gang of naughty (fun-loving) cheerleaders - big-boobed and crowned with fabulously-coiffed big hair - will probably take to the festive streets, too.

Celebs - and infamous baby-killers - will be easy targets for clever merrymakers who ape 'em!

If it's difficult to fathom up a "look" - or the closet is bare - seek out professional help.

At "Costumes on Haight" there are 3000 dazzling selections to choose from.

Rentals may be snapped up for two nights and three days and include a smattering of togas, exotic masks, military uniforms, Harry Potter invisible capes, you name it.

A full-line of eye-catching make-up  is on tap, too.

"Fantasy Clothing" is flogging (!) classic costumes that run the gamut from wild and woolly animals to vintage, political, and traditional scary themes.

"Costume Party" gives a nod to rhinestones (what self-respecting Queen would trip-the-light fantastic without 'em?) and beaded frocks.

Insides whisper that flappers and beatniks are still in vogue for the individualist who wants to stand out in the spooky crowd.

"Foxy Lady" focuses the spotlight on "Drag Dream" outfits and ready-to-wear cross-dresser get-ups.

"Lady" is one of the few retail outlets with "large-size" heels for the big he-man who is itching to slip into a silky pair and show off his feminine side.

Once you're all glammed up, hit the Castro and/or take in one of the theme parties at a local watering hole or trendy exclusive night club in the hood.

"Zombie Nightlife
 October 27th

 (featuring 9 exotic playgrounds of titillating indulgence & decadence)
 Oct 22nd

*Phantom of the Opera
 (with Cameron Carpenter)
 October 30th

(GLBT Historical Society soiree & silent auction)


I'll probably be howling at the moon on Nob Hill!

Trick or Treat!

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