Monday, October 3, 2011

Hair...Rock Musical Revival touches down at Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco!

Hair - the critically-acclaimed "Rock Musical Revival" that has been taking the country by storm - is slated to touch down in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Theatre on October 25th and entertain locals through November 20th (2011).

Back in the "heady" sixties, a good friend of mine - Gerome Ragni - drummed up the book idea for the original musical with his writing pal James Rado.

A few months ago, I caught the production in Los Angeles for nostalgia's sake..

Post:  01/11/2011

The dazzling high-energy production is a must-see!

Don't forget to toss on a tie-dyed t-shirt and torn jeans (with the ass hanging out) so you'll feel right at home with the exuberant performers in the tribe trot into the pit below the floodlights to interact with all the surprised ticket-holders!

Let the sun shine in, eh?

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