Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed...get hitched after proposal on bended knee! Dazzling diamonds wow guests!

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed - at-long-last - (and on-the-heels of a soap-opera-style cliff-hanger on "Family Jewels") - got hitched after decades of living in sin.

The high-profile celebrity couple - stars of their own popular reality-show on cable (which traced their relationship along a rocky path into therapy in recent days) - were toasted by 400 thrilled well-wishers at a chic wedding ceremony at the tony Beverly Hills Hotel over the weekend.

Tongues wagged over the dazzling diamonds Ms. Tweed was decked out in (worth an estimated 2.5 million smackeroos).

Patience is a virtue - and in this instant scenario - was well-rewarded, eh?

Best wishes to Gene & Shannon (a twitter pal).

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