Monday, October 17, 2011

Fashion Accessories...spark an outfit! Signal signature style!

Accessories underscore the signature style of an individual.

And, with fall upon us, may be a practical addition to a wardrobe ensemble as well!

For example, an elegant scarf is capable of sparking a flourish of much-needed color on a sober dark silhouette.

But, the eye-catching apparel also doubles as a great wind-blocker on frosty mornings, too.

Fashionistas - who want to turn heads in the bustling streets - are sure to grab for a chic one from the Ascher British Textile line.

Zika Ascher first introduced a scarf in the 50's boasting original creations by legendary artists Henry Moore (pictured above) and Matisse.

Now, in the grand tradition of his grandfather, Sam Ascher has revived the pricey silk scarf with the unveiling of a printed twill square by Chinese Artist Zao Wou-ki.

To get an up-close gander, browse over to their web site!

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