Thursday, October 27, 2011

Earthquake...San Francisco residents rock 'n roll! Swarm of temblors!

At the crack of dawn this morning residents of San Francisco got a rude awakening - in fact - many were rousted from a deep sleep by an Earthquake at approximately 5:34 a.m. which was registered as a 3.6 (after a downgrade).

Over the past week the Bay Area has been rocked by three earthquakes in total now - in what geologists are referring to as - a swarm of quakes.

I was in my own cozy bed catching the daily news when there was a severe jolt in the Hotel Suite - which not only shook me beneath the covers - but also triggered a rolling motion which resulted in a series of eerily-sounding "creaking" noises which were a bit unnerving in the otherwise quiet room.

Switchboards lit up a local news stations around the region as excited locals - and tourists alike - shared their stories.

Is the big one on the way???

Stay posted for updates.

1906 San Francisco Earthquake damage!

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