Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dancing with the Stars...Cher roots for son Chaz! Amateurish "Rocky" Tribute lacked punch!

When news broke last week in the frenzied media that POP DIVA Cher was slated to turn up at "Dancing with the Stars" for Monday night's segment (October 10th) to support her son Chaz, many wondered aloud in what capacity the Vegas headliner would appear.

Would Cher make a big splashy entrance - and more importantly - would producers try to capitalize on the superstar persona in their midst???

To the disappointment of a cynical few, the answer was a definite no, in respect to both potentially titillating scenarios (which didn't go down aw shucks).

The cameras were conspicuously "off" Cher throughout the night's dazzling entertaining bill-of-fare.

In fact, it wasn't until Chaz charged into his off-the-rope performance as "Rocky" that the searing spotlight finally sought out Cher.

Right on cue, the Oscar-winning Actress's eyes welled up - at which point (the oft outspoken sixties legend) - rooted for the apple of her eye.

In a nutshell? 

The dance routine (if 'ya could call it that) was amateurish as all - um - heck!


It was only a performance that a mother could love!

I pray that Momma likes it!

Bad hair day for Pop Diva Cher!

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