Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chinese Hospital...San Francisco HIV patients encounter discrimination! Sick patients turned away!

If you cruise up Jackson Street in Chinatown - and blink - you may miss the Chinese Hospital tucked away amidst a row of ramshackle store stalls that run curbside from Stockton to Powell.

And, administration at the hospital takes solace in that.

After all, the staff here would prefer to provide medical care for their "own"(a member of the Chinese Community).

What of the "outsiders" or those inflicted with "dreaded diseases" such as HIV and Hepatitis?

Shortly after these hapless souls wander in - and are registered - the hospital staff rustle up excuses to usher them out the door (before the patients have been properly treated and after a huge bill has been rung up).

For instance, one patient was rushed to emergency suffering from a debilitating ailment which required immediate medical treatment.

In fact, a female Doctor on duty admitted just as much to the patient at bedside.

After taking a battery of tests - a CT Scan, X-rays - and blood draws - the doctor proceeded to inform her charge that he required treatment and at least two days of bed rest in the hospital to resolve the medical issues.

The patient was thankful that the troubling sickness had been diagnosed, but was later shocked, when the doctor announced that the Nurses and Interns on duty felt "uncomfortable" caring for an HIV patient!

In San Francisco,the revelation was a quite disturbing for obvious reasons!

Meanwhile, other patients have complained about comments that have been made out-of-the-blue that hint that racism is prevalent at the hospital, too.

"We don't get many Caucasians here, 'ya know," one employee quipped.

Was the individual imagining it, or did he hear a bit of disdain in the Nurse's voice?

Another employee explained her staff's reluctance to provide care for a middle-aged white individual in the following mind-boggling way:

"We treat a lot of elderly Asian patients who tend to suffer from ailments related to age," she argued in their defense.

In one scenario, a Doctor discharged the patient without treatment on the grounds that her staff lacked the skills to carry out simple medical procedures.

If that's the case, shouldn't these incompetent employees be cut loose, and qualified medical staff installed in their posts?

Bottom line?

If the Chinese Hospital is receiving grants and/or funding from the Government to run their medical facility, then there should be a review (and/or revocation of their financial backing) since they don't operate with an "open door" policy.


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