Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beatles...Rolling Stones Special Edition a must-have for fab four fans!

Rolling Stone Magazine has just released a "Special Edition" catalogue on the Beatles which is a must-have keepsake for die-hard fans of the mop tops who landed on U.S. shores (The British Invasion) with their catchy upbeat tunes in the sixties.

The comprehensive volume is an in-depth review of all the Beatles LP's pressed which includes insightful commentary on their music by such luminaries as James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, and Bob Weir.

A smattering of publicity stills - some rarely in print - round out the publication beautifully with an artful touch.

I vividly recall my own first-hand reaction to the albums (Rubber Soul, Sergeant Pepper, and the White Album, in particular) when I first scooped 'em up at the local record store in my teenage years in Toronto.

Once I got home, and when my parents had taken off to shop or go for a Sunday drive, I'd plop the LP's on the Hi-Fi (!) and dance around the living-room imagining I was a pop star!

Of course, I also scrutinized every delicious detail on the album cover as I went over the lyrics with a fine-tooth comb.

Was Paul McCartney really dead?

Do the lyrics in No. 9 hold the answer?

Only Sir Paul and Ringo know for sure.

Just betcha that John Lennon is laughing in his grave!

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