Monday, October 24, 2011

Asian family day lures in art-lovers to dazzling Maharaja exhibit!

The Asian Museum was a hotbed of activity yesterday when the prestigious gallery space threw open its doors for "free" courtesy of generous sponsors Kumar and Vijaya Malavalli.

For children - the "Free Family Day" occasion - was a delightful foray into the exotic realms of one of the oldest most-fascinating cultures on the globe.

The day started off with an adventurous treasure hunt and ended at a Henna Tattoo demonstration.

Juding by the expressions on their faces, the young ones were particularly enthralled with the spell-binding storytelling, lessons on adornment and jewellery-making, and a Royal photo op where they were able to pose on ornate thrones, let their imaginations run wild, and act out.

A live performance featuring the sitar and bongos - traditional and fusion-influenced - thoroughly entertained all the patrons in attendance as well.

Musician Ashwin Batish and his talented family so roused the music-lovers in the packed auditorium at the end of the set with an original piece titled - "Bamboo Boogie" - that they enthusiastically jumped up and danced alongside an exotic Indian Dancer who had enchanted the guests earlier in a solo performance.

Free ice cream hit the spot, too!

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