Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amsterdam...THC cured pot to be reclassified as hard-core drug! Reefer Madness!

Officials in Amsterdam have announced their intention to reclassify potent pot that packs a wallop!

The new policy signals a trend away from the tolerant attitudes the Dutch were once well-known for in the free-wheeling heady days of yesteryear in Europe.

Back in the seventies (!) I recall tracking down a weed "cafe" in Amsterdam with an ex-lover which happened to be one of two given the city's blessing to operate under specific guidelines.

Obviously, we were a long way from Kansas, Toto!

Today, the police in the Netherlands do not generally bust and/or prosecute casual pot smokers for being in possession of small quantities of the evil weed.

The policy making waves now pertains to marijuana that has been cured with THC and where the active ingredient is upwards of 15%.

Under the new law, THC laced pot will be viewed as a hard-core drug alongside cocaine and heroine.

Smoke one of those doobies - and I just betcha -  it will knock 'ya on your ass!

Heh, Arnold, don't Bogart that joint!

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