Friday, October 28, 2011

AFI Fest...filmgoers frustrated by web site glitches! Incompetent Bob Gazzalle at helm!

When excited filmgoers surfed to the AFI Fest site yesterday morning to reserve tickets for a roster of flicks to screen next week, they were deluged with an avalanche of frustrating glitches which triggered a few expletive deletives under their breath!

Quite a few patrons had difficulty logging in, for example.

And, when a handful managed to access the poorly-designed site, the web pages they were directed to often failed to load properly or simply "froze up" for some inexplicable reason.

On occasion, when a filmgoer managed to reserve a ticket or two, the shopping cart suddenly malfunctioned and emptied the basket.


Angry ticket-seekers either pulled out their hair as they screamed bloody murder to their pals, or simply gave up attempting to secure seats for what has become a "joke" in the movie industry.

In contrast, the Los Angeles Times reservation site (installed for the Envelope screening series) responds to RSVP's daily without a hitch.

The AFI touts itself as a prestigious film festival - but, the truth of the matter is - that it's just a rinky-dink outfit run by incompetents without any skills or the ability to follow thru.

For example, the AFI suffered the same troubling problem last fall with their web site.

Although fans complained about the stink - a year after the fact - Mr. Gazzalle (President & CEO of the AFI Fest) and his clueless staff have neglected to conduct an overhaul to prevent the same snafus from plaguing the reservation process this year.

Part of the problem is Bob Gazzalle - who would rather hob-nob with celebrities (and the AUDI "brass" sponsors) - than roll up his sleeves and sort out the abominable mess!

Last year, quite a few embarrassing moments reared their ugly head at a handful of events, too (with regard to failing mics, poor lighting, and lousy production values) which also underscored just how unprofessional and incapable Gazzalle and his AFI team truly are.

I expect the problems will persist next week at the Festival to the dismay of film buffs!

Don't say I didn't warn 'ya, eh?

Mann's Chinese Theater (AFI venue) deserves better!

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