Sunday, September 25, 2011

X Factor...American Idol copycat! Simon Cowell's brand "X" same old same old!

When Simon Cowell boasted about his spanking-new talent show last spring, he vowed that X-Factor would be dazzling potent bill-of-fare in a league all of its own.

In fact, the cheeky Brit promised that his "unique" offering would - not only feret out talented unknowns who possessed that undefinable "X" quality (which deseved network exposure - and quite possibly - a multi-million recording contract) - but also captivate American audiences from the get-go, too.

After tuning in to the season-opener one thing was crystal clear.


X-Factor is simply a rip-off of American Idol re-packaged as "Brand X" on an overcrowded shelf on the fall line-up.

2 stars!

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