Wednesday, September 28, 2011

West Hollywood...bans sale of fashion ensembles featuring fur! Ballsy move angers retailers!

If you're a fan of TMZ, or inclined to browse the gossip rags for juicy tidbits on your favourite stars, chances are the news blurbs featuring publicity stills were shot at trendy watering holes or a smattering of chic exclusive nightclubs in West Hollywood where the celebs step-out for a night-on-the-town in designer fashions often accessorized with fur.

In fact, a slew of chic boutiques on Melrose Avenue and Robertson Boulevard cater exclusively to a jet-set clientele that clamours for pricey luxury eye-catching fur outerwear and the alleged status it conjures up (until now, that is).

In a bold-faced effort to protect wildlife - and halt what amounts to a some as the slaughter of God's innocent creatures - the City of West Hollywood has taken an unprecedented stand on the issue.

At a recent City Council meeting the WeHo Board unanimously passed a bill to ban the sale of apparel crafted with fur products.

Councilman John D'Amico (the sponsor) proudly pointed out that the City of West Hollywood is the 1st community in the Nation to take such a ballsy sweeping move on the manufacturing industry.

Council members pray that other City leaders around the country will pick up the torch, too.

The ban applies to fur sold in apparel, only.

So, for now, interior design studios will not be forced to toss inventory in stock (such as fur rugs, pillows, chair coverings, etc.) just yet!

Since 46% of the fashion outlets in the upscale gay enclave sell fur products currently, an uproar is expected!

A bold few (with big-bucks-backing) may challenge the decision before the law goes into effect next year.

Ed Buck, with Free Fur West Hollywood, asserted that the fur business is inhumane.

"Compassion is fashion," he opined.

"You do not need to sacrifice an animal to be fashionable."


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