Monday, September 5, 2011

Virgin Airlines...stylish classy travel at affordable prices! Rush seat sales rife with snafus!

Virgin Airlines has probably single-handedly transformed the travel industry from a dreary exhausting one, to an joyful experience worth looking-forward to!

At a check-in counter along the departure level - world-wearing travellers have not only been spied toughing it out in nerve-wracking queues that snake endlessly as far as the eye can see - but often caught shifting their feet endlessly to stay awake.

In contrast, the Virgin Airlines check-in pod is abuzz with excited travellers non-stop, anxious to participate in their own booking process.

In fact, Virgin Airline's launching pad bears a striking resemblance to an eclectic hub along-the-lines of a Facebook think tank (where Mark Zuckerburg kick-back and held court with his super kids).

The rich color scheme (Royal Red mostly) can't help but draw the passengers in like moth to flame.

Within minutes the competent staff will have guided their darlings through the boarding pass routine with few snafus.

No frowns (or rude conduct) on duty here - which makes 'ya  wonder - is that company policy or are the employees truly thrilled with their jobs?

Now-and-then Virgin Airlines will post a flight special or two at rock-bottom prices to snatch up the following day.

With at least one provisio.

The savvy jet-setter must accept the departure slot the system coughs up automatically.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, Virgin 's snake-and-oil saleman  may run amuck with passengers.

For instance, after one business man inputted his passenger data and credit card information, the system spat out a 6:45 a.m. - 7:45 reservation that was a bit upsetting because the traveller was led to believe that the flight would be later in the morning.

What did 6:45 - 7:45 - actually translate in real-world speak?

The businessman was confused.

Was he supposed to show up at the ticket-counter during that time frame - at which point - he would be assigned a cherished seat?

The e-mail confirmation did not address or clarify that niggling point.

And, what if he missed the fllight, would he be SOL?

Virgin neglected to addres that mighty important what-if scenario.

As fate would have it, the businessman was bumped from the flight, in spite of the fact he arrived at 6:15 a.m.


Not a happy camper!

As fate would have it, the frustrated businessmn missed the flight.

Although he dashed up to check-out at 6:15, he was bumped.

According to the flight personnel, the airline does not dawdle for stragglers.

"We are proud of our reputation for taking off on schedule," she beamed.

At this juncture, the hapless passenger had two options.

He could go standby on the next flight out, or guarantee a seat by paying a $25.00 surcharge (penalty?).

"In the pay-up scenario, he would come out the loser, because the tacked-on fee would no longer make the ticket a bargain.

"I'll give it the old College try," he countered.

Fortunately, the Godesses of the Divine Heavens smiled down, and he nabbed the lone standby seat available on the next flight.

Once he was settled into his comfy black-leather bucket seat, he was able toccess the state-of-the-art entertainment center installed in the back of the  passenger seat, and while away the hour trip to San Francisco musing to music videos, web TV, and news updates.

Imagine that!

Later in the evening when he met up with friends at a popular watering hole, he could jokingly boast, that he hopped on a Virgin earlier in the day.


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