Monday, September 12, 2011

Twin Towers Memorial...uplifting flawed (a square hole?) design brimming with Grace!

On Sunday September 11th  (in spite of a terrorist alert) NYC Officials rolled out the red carpet - amidst a lot of humble pomp and circumstance - and proudly unveiled the awesome Twin Towers Memorial pieced together by loving hands over a handful of tearful years.

Once the red ribbon was cut, a swarm of New Yorkers (in addition to tourists from far-flung exotic locales around the face of the globe) slipped into the lush grounds to pay their last respects and find some closure in their lives (is it on the horizon, I wonder?).

"It turned out way beyond all expectations," one of the contrbutors on the creative team gushed in so many words.

The major draw?

A memorial wall  that names all the victims struck down too early in life at the hands of souless terrorists out to destroy the very fabric of the American Way of Life!

And, in the background, a stunning water fountain that cools their brows as they now rest in peace.

Because an inspiring spiritual aura is now radiating from the very core of the ground zero site, the memorial is one of America's sacred places.

It also doubles a park - a respite from it all - for New Yorkers and tourists alike who are in tune with mother nature.

One criticism, though.

With all its - lofty appeal, down-to-earth sensibilities, and attention to detail - it surprise me that the designers failed miserably at the core (literally).

Did you catch sight of it?

How could you miss that ghastly gaping hole (not even  round, mind you) that jars the artistic (and spiritual) aesthetic?

Instead of allowing the water to "dump"" unceremoniouuslly into the square (!) mudane hole, perhaps a true artist should have been commmissioned to camaflouge the "drain" with a floating Angel (let's say) or even a step or two or three downward to symbolize both sides of heaven and hell!


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