Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seismic Dance performance of "We don't Belong Here" in Union Square!

The "Seismic Dance Company" is itching to entertain the locals and tourists alike in a series of free performances in Union Square in San Francisco which kick-off tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

The troupe is also slated to offer up their dazzling eclectic dance routine in Yerba Buena Lane.

The choreographed piece (created by Katie Faulkner) is titled:

"We Don't Belong here"

"All of us have some relationship to what it means to belong or not somewhere," she philosophized at a recent press interview.

"I think, too, San Francisco is a city of refugees. It really attracts people who are looking for a place to belong."

The movement and multi-media event is part of the Dancer's Group ONSITE series.

Michael Trigillo - an acclaimed international multi-media artist - is contributing the dynamic visual and sound design.

Years ago, I was a free-style dancer on the bustling streets of downtown Toronto.

Just betcha, the special performances in Union Square and Yerba Buena Lane, will trigger a lot of fond memories

Who knows!

I may jump in and join the joyous celebration!

See 'ya there!


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