Monday, September 26, 2011

San Francisco...relief nurse injects fatal dose during strike! Patient dies!

A relief nurse, hired under a five-day contract to fill in for irate medical staff striking in the streets of
San Francisco, injected a patient with an unprescribed drug - and unfortunately - the individual died.

Any patient who has been under intensive care at a local hospital (or anywhere in the State of California for that matter) is keenly aware that protocol and Hospital policy dictate that when a nurse saunters into a patient's room to administer medicine, they are required to check the wrist band to verify identity (even if the Nurse is familiar with and/or treated the patient in the past).

I surmise - though sources have not confirmed it - that the unskilled Nurse on duty that fateful day neglected to follow procedure which resulted in the individual's sudden and unexpected demise.

News at 11!

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