Monday, September 26, 2011

San Francisco...Opera fans pack AT & T stadium at free simulcast of Puccini's high-brow Opera "Turandot"!

The mouth-watering aroma of garlic fries wafted through the air, the stadium stands were packed to near capacity, and spontaneous applause erupted impromptu out-of-the-blue now-and-then at AT & T Ballpark (home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team).

Curious, that!

After all, there wasn't any sports match underway yesterday afternoon.

In fact, all the hoopla was over a free simulcast of Puccini's high-brow Opera "Turandot", which succeeded in packing the locals (and tourists in) at least 30,000.00 strong!

Who knew the San Francisco Opera Company was so popular with the both tourists and the common Joe!

Though the die-hard fans were greeted with inclement weather early in the morning, they threw caution to the wind, and made the trek out to the ball park in high spirits anyway.

The young ones squealed with joy as make-up artists dabbed grease paint on their cherubic faces, while their parents scouted down perches on the green below the wide-screen, where picnic baskets were set out to munch on throughout the celebrated day.

By mid-afternoon, the sun poked through the clouds, making it the perfect afternoon.

There were hilarious surprises, too.

When the cast of Turandot took their bows, they sported Giant's baseball caps, ubiquitious t's, tongue-in-cheek.

Even a drama Queen has a sense of humor, after all!

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