Friday, September 23, 2011

San Francisco Opera...lyric tenor Michael Fabiano appears in "Lucrezia Borgia" opposite Renee Fleming!

Celebrated tenor - Michael Fabiano - is slated to star opposite top Diva - Renee Fleming - in the premiere of Donizetti's "Lucrezia Borgia" which opens tonight at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House.

Fabiano jumped at the golden opportunity last-minute when opera star Francesco Meli bowed out.

"I want it really badly," Fabiano fessed up at a recent press junket.

"I want music in my life and I want to be successful. I am driven to be a singer. I would do anything - nearly everything - that it takes to be successful."

Including selling your soul to the devil?

Fabiano will lend his magnificent vocal styling in the role of Gennaro, the long-lost son of the infamous femme fatale.

The 27-year old musical artist lauded the local San Francisco Opera company in recent days.

"People really care - combining - not separating - work and life," he gushed in awe.

Fabiano has been blessed by the Gods in many respects, too.

In four years, the dedicated vocalist performed in 17 roles at the Philadelphia Academy of Arts, and for his painstaking toils (a snap for him, no doubt) won 7 International contests.

Understandably, critics far-and-wide have sung his praises!

The lyric tenor is a baseball fan (a Yankee die-hard), too.

Go figure!

Concert Dates

October  2nd
October  5th
October  8th
October 11th


War Memorial Opera House
301 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA


$30.00 - $ 337.00



*Discount tickets (50% off) on select performances

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