Friday, September 30, 2011

North Beach...San Francisco's bohemian neighborhood on the rise! Popular again!

If you're in San Francisco and crying the blues alone in a hotel suite, skip that tired comedy on the old boob tube, and take an adventurous stroll through North Beach!

The legendary neighborhood where Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg pondered the "beat generation" is on-the-rise once again with tourists and locals alike!

On a perfect fall evening last night, I slipped down a quaint little sidestreet off Broadway and suddenly found myself sipping on a glass of bubbly, and taking in a group exhibition of portraits by a smattering of cool down-to-earth local artists.

To some art connoisseurs, an art opening is supposed-to-be a high-brow affair that provokes thought.

But, at this happenin' (the crudely-crafted sign tacked on the wall actually referred to the gathering that way!) the mood was pretty mellow.

A guitarist entertained guests with a sweet riff or two, as the young visionaries mixed-and-mingled and discussed their works of art.

Some of the renderings were undistinguished at best, but a couple of talented emerging artists showed a lot of potential (boy, could they push paint!).

Paintings by O'Donnell were original, well-executed, and literally brought a smile to the face!

A handful of portraits were so "bang on" that I recognized the artists' faces in the gathering crowd inside.

When I stepped out of the cozy little gallery I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

I expect that I'll be out exploring another night this week and on-the-look-out for other haunts to while away an hour or two in.

Next, I'll be howling at the moon, I guess!

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