Monday, September 26, 2011

Michelle Obama...guests on "Extreme Makeover"...Bad hair days!

The 1st Lady signed on with "Extreme Makeover" this season with the specific aim of launching the - "Jubilee House" - a residence for homeless military personnel in dire need of shelter from the storm.

On last night's segment, Michelle Obama demonstrated that she has an appealing outgoing personality that lends itself well to the medium of television.

In a nutshell, Mrs. Obama was warm, gracious, and displayed a lot of generosity of spirit!

The surprised veterans - on the receiving end - were knocked out by her selfless efforts, too.

The shelter - unveiled with a lot of fanfare - features a state-of-the-art kitchen, spacious comfortable bedrooms, and a fully-stocked library, for starters.

In the backyard, a greenhouse was installled so that the residents would be able to grow their own organic vegetables year-round (and also provide for themselves through the winter months).

A "play" room - fashioned after the "White House" - delighted the children in tow.

For some inexplicable reason, however, Michelle elected to "downplay" her appearance.

For example, she tossed on a plain-jane patterned frock (accessorized with a tacky tasteless belt) which was lacking in style (and panache)

As for her curious "do" - well - what can I say?

Local news anchors have been tittering over that bizarre "beehive" (?) for days!

Maybe the Obama's have been forced to cut back on expenses after that pricey holiday in Martha's Vineyard a few weeks ago?

News at 11!

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