Sunday, September 4, 2011

Los Angeles Times...the Taste a delectable culinary hit on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills!


Across the street, a good-humored Chef was serving up tailor-made cheese plates featuring quality product from around the face of the culinary globe.

Then, I jogged back to the other side of the street (the zig-zag approach appears to be a practical one at this high-profile food fest) where quiche was being enlivened with a dash of proscuitto was being snatched up by all who passed by.


When appetites for the heavenly cuisine had been satiated, the guests were inclined to stroll into high-end designer boutiques that Rodeo is known the-world-over for some serious shopping
Within their reach?

A smattering of buttery-soft one-of-a-kind leather jackets, pricey baubles that define signature style, and a host of fashionable ensembles sure to turn heads.

Once the delightful event began to wind down, I floated home on a cloud totally at peace.

To quote Lou Reed:

"It (was) a perfect day. I'm glad I spent it with you (Beverly Hillls).

Locals and tourists alike, casually streamed into the lofty climbs of Beverly Hills this afternoon, as palm trees whispered in the breeze above a picturesque setting that charmed.

The Los Angeles Times sponsored event was a delicious hit with both regular food yap stuffers and coinnoseurs of fine dining!

Rodeo Drive was dotted with eye-catching tents where vendors artfully-crafted plates of fingerfood that were downright delectable.

Glasses of chilled white wine and Vintage reds were ceremoniously presented on demand too.

At one festive tent, I scoffed down one of my favorite snacks - Bagles & Lox  -crowned with a succulent tomato medallion.

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