Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lady Gaga...bends President Obama's ear on issue of bullying at pricey fundraiser?

Pop DIVA Lady Gaga sashayed her way into one of the ritzy fundraisers tossed for President Obama in the Silicon valley (after plunking down a staggering $35,000.00 to slip through the staid old establishment doors) this past week.

In contrast to the other power-players on-hand - there to primarily rub shoulders and smooze with the Commander-in-Chief - the altruistic gay activist was bent on enlightening the politician about the escalating problem of bullying around the country in recent days and the need for a call to action.

At press time, it was not determined with certainty if the wildly popular chanteuse managed to finagle a close encounter with the President (I expect the Secret Service kept her at bejwelled arm's length) on the pressing social and political issue.

Curiously - on the eve of one fundraiser - the President's handler's reported to the press that Mr. Obama would be addressing the issue of bullying next year in March.

Mission accomplished?

We won't hold our breath, eh?

News at 11!

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