Sunday, September 4, 2011

Greyhound...power-hungry Security Guard threatens & intimidates passengers! Violates Civil Rights!

Over the past couple of years, Greyhound has put a thrust on its mage in the travel industry - and customer perks - to enourage Americans to hop on board and tour the country hassle-free and cheaply.

For example, the top brass launched a state-of-the-art website to encourage online booking facilitate the option of reserved seats of the traveller's choosing for a nominal fee of $5.00.

Once a dinosaur on the American landscape, the carrier took a giant leap forward when it also introduced free WiFi.

Now, tourists can check e-mail at each stop on their itinerary, keep relatives and friends abreast of their whereabouts (and even check the weather forecasts during the course of the trip).

Unfortunately, Greyhound took a misstep when they neglected to hire qualified trained personnel and security guards capable of interacting with customers in a courteous professional manner.

In that department, Greyhound's image is in the dumper!

For example, customers routinely omplain that cashier's treat them in a rude insulting manner.

But, the security guards are downright intimidating.

And, their conduct usually arises to the level of harassment.

For instance, one cocky guard in a monkey suit often strides up to tourists (minding their own business as they wait to embark on their bus) and interrogates them at whim.

"Are you a Greyhound customer with a ticket," he grills them.

It should have been obvious they were if he any deductive reasoning powers.

The person in question is - was not only obediently standing in a line behind door No. 4 - but casually holding their precious ticket in their sweaty palm.


On occasion, the cavalier guards overstep their authority, and end up trampling on citizen's rights.

According to eyewitesses, a short squat Asian guard (who appeared to be under the false impression that he has a big-swinging dick hanging between his legs), made patrons uncomfortable when he strutted around the waiting room giving the ticket-holders the evil-eye.without justification.

At one point, the wacko Greyhound employee dashed to the rear of a holding-area with anger in each step.

Bystanders literally gasped in shock when the out-of-control guard was spied hurling a young white man in his mid-twenties across the full length of the greyhound station hand-cuffed and crying out in pain.

"Ok, I'll go," he was heard to say.

After barking out - "Call Metro Police" - to the customer service staff, he proceeded to angrily propel the distraught man through to a secure area outside.

"Don't fuck with me," he belted out in a vulgar tone of voice.


As expected, the travellers assembled nearby, consisted primarily of young children, mothers, on-the-go teens, foreign students, and a smattering of seniors.

Understandably, the whole lot of them were troubled by the demented guard's foul-mouth, and overall  disregard for their right to pass freely through the Greyhound terminal without being subjected to the guard's violent outrageous behavior - which ultimately established in the eyes of the witnesses - that he was not only poorly-trained in people skills, but also - drunk with power - and totally lacking in discretion and humanity.

When I took the position that the guard had overstepped his color of authority, the local Police appeared to agree, when you consider that the Police Officers determined about thirty minutes later that the had not committed any offense that cried out of prosecution.

In view of the foregoing, Greyhound must seize the tapes and launch an investigation with the ultimate aim of disciplinary action against the rogue security guard,

Otherwise, in the future, the end scenario may not turn out so favorably for the victims.

If 'ya ask me, the volatile loser is a walking time bomb waiting to explode.

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