Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodwill...sells defective laptops! Rips-offs Consumers! Engages in fraudulent deceptive business practices!

The Goodwill sells defective laptops and computer parts to unsuspecting customers - and balks at meeting their legal and moral responsibility to issue a refund - once the hapless victim complains to management at the Mission Street headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

In fact, one employee routinely engages in deceptive business practices in a bold-faced deceitful effort to rip-off the low-income shoppers who frequent the thrift outlet so Goodwill doesn't have to pay-up when they get caught in the act.

For example, when one patron complained to the Better Business Bureau about a $225.00 lemon that was foisted on them under false pretenses, a manager was quick to twist-and-distort the facts in a dishonest effort to defend their position and ultimately avoid reimbursement (and damage to the Charity's public image).

"We have a 30-day guarantee," she insisted to the investigator at the BBB.

Then why wasn't the laptop taken back with no questions asked?

Notwithstanding the obvious, it should also be noted that the ingenuous liar neglected (?) to point out to the BBB employee that an actual credit would be issued (not a refund in cash).

If a shopper was not interested in any other products on the shelf (after being ripped off, why would they?) they would be SOL.

By the way, in the next breath, the employee really put her foot in a heapload of ka-ka, when the she proceeded to allege that she could not find any receipt for the purchase in question!

Curious, that!

The customer has a copy in their possession which clearly states $225.00 was spent on the useless computer that Goodwill falsely claimed was refurbished!!!

What a liar, eh?



When you consider that generous patrons donate the inventory to the charity with the best of intentions, the shameful conduct of Goodwill staff truly shocks the sensibilities.

Talk about miserable good-for-nothing scrooges!

Just betcha that if a government agency launched an investigation into their business affairs, that the authorities would uncover a lot of double-dealing, theft, and financial shenangans on the part of Goodwill employees.

Stay posted for the fireworks!

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