Friday, September 2, 2011

Fox Rent A Car...fails to disclose contract terms! Engages in deceptive business practices! Run by ignorant losers!

Motorists have been complaining about the deceptive business practices at Fox Rent a Car.

For example, when a consumer books a vehicle online, a confirmation is e-mailed with the Reservation number.

Although the record verifies the daily rate and expected tax and surcharges, curiously, there isn't any information provided in respect to deposits, policies regarding the use of debit and/or credit cards, mileage gas charges, and-so-forth and-so-on

At this juncture, an individual should be able to fathom that Fox Rent A Car doesn't pass the smell test.

In fact, Fox Rent A Car routinely fails to disclose all the pertinent legal details of the car rental agreement until the victim saunters through the door after an exhausting 15-mile trek out to their facilities in the sweltering sun.

At this point, the tourist is usually insulted by a bumbling clerk (a frumpy Afro-American woman reeking in body odor by the name of "Dianne") who seems to think her shit doesn't stink.

One tourist complained that when he coughed up his reservation number, the dim-witted employee actually looked up from her computer screen and called him by the wrong name.

"Miss, that is not my name," the frustrated customer lamented.

Without skipping a beat, the dizzy broad retorted.

"That's your name according to our reservation records."

When the annoyed client noted that his name was correct in the onfirmation e-mail, Dianne proceeded to launch a second search which turned up results.

"Here you are."

Imagine that!

Dianne is so incompetent that she can't even locate a reservation in the Fox Rent a Car database.

She must have shit for brains, don't you think?

Meanwile, angry travellers have also whined about her lack of reasoning powers (common sense).

For instance, when a motorist noted that his trip would be one-way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles,
she quickly informed him that unless he provided proof of an intinerary for a flight out of Los Angeles, Fox Rent a Car would run a credit check.


The customer in question was renting the vehicle to return home to Los Angeles.

There would not be any itinerary beyond Los Angeles!

Staff usually process the rental agreement without disclosing the requirement of a security deposit (exact sums required, terms, applicable penalties etc).

If a tourist produces a debit card, they are informed for the first time at the check-in desk, that a credit check will be required.

Say what?

A credit check to rent a car?

I don't think so!

The policy at Fox Rent A Car should have been disclosed at the offset when the initial Reservation confirmation was e-mailed out.

Fox Rent a Car is not only playing fast-and-loose with Consumer Rights, but willfully and wrongfully violating their clients right in the process.

Avoid Fox Rent a Car like the plague, folks!

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