Saturday, September 24, 2011

Folsom Street (Leather) Fair...San Francisco's kink & fetish fest kicks off Sunday Sept. 25th!

Tomorrow, when a throng of high-brow opera-lovers trek down to the AT & T ballpark to catch a free simulcast performance of Puccini's "Tarandot", a gang of gay men from the leather-clad subculture are expected to head out for a hedonstic day of sensual delights at the annual Folsom Street Fair.

The much-anticipated fetish event is the largest in the world and is expected to attract about 400,000 die-hard "sex addicts" from around the face of the globe.

The fair's roots can be traced back to the ballsy sailors and rough-and-tumble bikers of yesteryear who confounded (confused?) the notion that all gay men were limp-wristed pansies.

A hanful of gay motorcycle clubs started up shortly after the Satyrs were founded in Los Angeles in 1954.

For example, San Francisco followed the trend with the formation of The Warlocks and the California Motorcycle Club.

The homomasculine ideal of the gay leather (and raunch) male - not only quickly caught on - but also triggered sensational headlines in those heady (!) times around the country.

The end result?

San Francisco was touted as the Nation's gay capitol hands-down.

Preceding the main event (September 25th), Leather Pride Week  unfolds each year, which is comprised of a  7 titillating days of erotic film screeings, panel discussions, spanking parties, and motorcycle rides which climax (!) with the infamous Folsom Street Fair downtown.

The leather fetish kink community is comprised of people of all genders and sexaul orientations.

So, if you attend tomorrow, expect to encounter quite a three-ring-circus of epic erotic proportions!

See ''ya there!

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