Friday, September 2, 2011

Dancing with the Stars...Beauty & the Beast expected to nab ratings!

When the producers for Dancing with the Stars announced that they were pairing Chaz Bono with Lacey Schwimmer, I chuckled to myelff.

ABC was obviously inclined to toss caution to the wind, pitch a titillating tent, and conjure up a dazzling freak show.

Barney & Bailey all the way!

Talk about the "ewe" factor.

Although the studio brass was rubbing its hands with wicked glee over the prospect of a tribute to the 60's novelty act - Sonny & Cher - Chaz Bono burst that bubble before it got to float.

Sources have whispered in my ear that Chaz has allegedly put her sensible black show down.

Sonny & Cher's lone child has whined in no uncertain terms that she won't trip-the-light fantastic to any of her parents pop ditties.

Just betcha that Nancy Grace will dance with the devil in a big-budget dream sequence that will send ratings through the roof!

Stay posted for all the juicy updates.

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