Friday, September 2, 2011

Cher virus...pranksters infect vulernable computers!

If Tattle readers cruised to the site yesterday afternon, they were probably keenly aware that something was amiss at the site.

For example, they may have been puzzled by the fact that a post on Cher consisted of a publicity still of the Pop Diva alongside the headline caption.

Uh-huh, for some inexplicable reason, the post published without the feature story!

The news alert vanished into thin-air.

When a second attempt followed, the post landed up on the Tattler site the same way as the first.

A third try was successful, for the most part.

Curiously, there were a handful of irregularities.

For example, the first paragrapsh was published in a normal-sized font.

But, alas, all the following paragraphs appeared in such tiny print, that they were difficult to read.

Also, typos that had been corrected, were staring back at me unchanged!

The spooky twilight-zone energies persisted for about two hours.


Later in the evening, when laptop owners (myself included) powered on, they were taken aback when a publicity still of Cher splashed across the scrren.

Had the computers had been manipulated by merry pranksters or die-hard fans?

Others so situated need not panic because the remedy is a snap.

Open up the control panel and select display.

Change the background image to one a handful of standard designs offered by windows.

And, how was your day?

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