Sunday, September 4, 2011

Celebrities...close encounters can be electrically-charged!

Critics in the arts, and celebrity entertainment reporters - gossip mongers, in particular - are always wise when they artfully muse about their high-profile subjects.

After all, then professional snoopers ever really know when they may cross paths with the sometimes volatile individulas bent on mainttaining control over their name, image, and stature in the industry.

Perez Hilton learned that lesson the hard way.

The truism hit home for me last week at the Las Vegas International Airport.

As I was getting my bearings in a crush of travellers touching down and jetting out, when I overheard a woman utter in astonishment:

Do you know who that is?

As I turned in the direction of the source, I was slightly startled to come face-to-face (a close encounter indeed) with a well-known actor grinning at me about a foot away.


The charismatic performer was actually handsomer and sexier in person.

Though coverage at the Tattler hasn't amounted to a hilll of beans in the past for the talented man, I intend to transform potential dribble into juicy tid-bits in the future.

Stay posted!

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