Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brad Pitt...fans disappointed with scraggly look at Moneyball premiere in Oakland!

There was quite a buzz in the San Francisco Bay area when news spread that Brad Pitt would be attending a red carpet premiere of his new flick "Moneyball".

Unfortunately, if fans were pining to bask in the glow of the hearttrob's star charisma they may have been disappointed.

One news anchor lamented to his co-host that the mega star's hair was downright "greasy".

Personally, I was taken aback, too.

Did Pitt surmise that he could slip into Oakland unbathed and unkempt and that no one would notice?

In his current flick, Pitt plays Billy Beane in the real-life tale about the Oakland A's innovative and feisty General Manager.

The handsome stud played ball as a kid; so, it comes as no surprise that he found the book a fascinating read.

Two directors later (!) the baseball drama is on an out-of-town try-out in Oakland.

Good luck, Brad!

Hit a homer, eh?

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